About us

     More than 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water worldwide. Over 6 million lives can be saved a year by reducing water related disease. 

     At Metta Wella our mission is to help spread good health and well being for our people, and planet. We do this by providing our customers with the high quality products they deserve, and then use profits to fund clean water projects for communities in need around the world. Metta Wella bottles also help prevent damage to the environment, by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles going to landfill. 

     Clean drinking water should not be a privilege.

Our Products 

    We strive to provide our customers with high quality, stylish, and practical products.

     Our bottles are made using materials specifically chosen for their stylish design, durability and performance. Our insulated bottles are made using double walled vacuum insulated technology to ensure your hot drinks stay hot and your cold drinks stay cold. 

     Metta Wella loose leaf teas have been sourced for the highest quality, best flavour, and health benefits. 

How Does Your Purchase Help? 

     When you purchase any product from us you will be supporting one of many of our efforts to provide clean water solutions.

  • The most simple way to provide clean water to individuals in immediate need is our clean water kit. Each kit is capable of filtering 1500L of water- which if properly maintained, will last well over a year (based on an average of 2.2L per day)
  • Long term solutions for developing communities included wells drilled in or near the community to provide an easily accessible source of clean and safe drinking water. 

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     email: info@mettawella.com

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